Take and Teach Language Kits

Language exposure and enrichment materials in the framework of a thematic unit for students with moderate to severe mental impairments




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Take and Teach Language Kits
Links to Take and Teach Topics:
1. All About Me:
Learn how to take care of your body with these language kits.
2. Community:
Explore what makes a community work with these language kits.
3. Food:
Food time is fun with these language kits.
4. Nature:
Learn about plants and animals with these exciting language kits.
5. Occasions:
These language kits celebrate the seasons and other occasions.
6. Special Kits:
These kits focus on a variety of important topics, such as fire safety.

image of Take and Teach Language Kit CDs
Most $30.00
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The theme and target vocabulary are introduced with a book written with limited vocabulary and repetitive lines. Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols (Overboard) provide visual support. image of Take and Teach Language Kit material
An interactive computer book, created with Classroom Suite, combines text, pictures, speech and sound in an engaging presentation. Students can read the story independently with a mouse, touch window or switch. image of Take and Teach Language Kit material
Language enjoyment and literacy development are developed with a songboard, word cards and at least 2 vocabulary games (BINGO, board game, I Spy, Concentration). Each CD also contains sensory exploration activities and ideas for expanding language opportunities, such as cooking, crafts, math, and science. image of Take and Teach Language Kit material

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