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Early Learning Suite

The Early Learning Suite 2.1 Mac/Win CD contains all 16 activities from Early Learning I, Early Math Skills and Money Skills (shown below). The perfect pre-reading solution for Macintosh and Windows. You won't have to throw this one away after 6 months. Dozens of difficulty levels range from the simple recognition of colors and shapes up through counting money and making change. The software grows with the child from age 2 to adult.

� Large, clear, simple graphics
� Positive reinforcement from clear, digitized female voice
� Optional single-switch control
� Multiple levels of difficulty
� Record management system
� Students can load their own files by simply selecting their picture
� Four levels of speech assistance
� Teacher specifies rate of advancement, amount of prompting and reinforcement, and how the programs respond to wrong answers

System Requirements
Mac OS 9.0.4+, OSX native.
Win 98+.
A Windows version is under development

Interface Support
Keyboard, mouse, touch screen, IntelliKeys, and single- or dual-switch input.

child using early learning suite
1 User
5 Users

from Early Learning I
Teaching colors, shapes, numbers and letters

� Matching Colors
� Learning Shapes
� Counting Numbers
� Letter Match

early learning matching columns


from Early Math Skills
Teaching addition, subtraction, number sequencing, and greater than/less than:

� Early Addition I
� Early Addition II
� Sequencing Up
� Sequencing Down
� Early Subtraction I
� Early Subtraction II
� More Than/Less Than

early learning math skills


from Money Skills
Teaching counting money and making change:

� Coins and Bills
� Counting Money
� Making Change
� How Much Change?
� The Marblesoft Store

early learning money skills