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Mini Matchers 3

Encourages basic and early literacy skills
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Mini Matchers 1 – Who’s Hiding? Things that Go Together and Opposites will encourage users to develop basic and early literacy skills. Students can select from two different activity types (Which piece? and Which pair?) to complete simple two-piece puzzles that animate when answered correctly. Activities are self-correcting, so all students can enjoy a feeling of achievement.

Three topics to choose between:

  • Find the Letter – Match the upper and lower case letters. This activity can be played using either letter names or letter sounds. The learning objectives are:
    • Practise recognition of the lower and upper-case letters of the alphabet and consolidate knowledge of the alphabet
    • Practise observation skills

  • Find the Word – Piece together the letters to make a simple word. The learning objectives are:
    • Learn and consolidate the spellings of common words (maximum of five letters)
    • Practise observation skills
    • Use pictures as an aid to form the words

  • and Find the Rhyme – Match the pieces to make a pair of simple rhyming words. The learning objectives are:
    • Practise observation skills
    • Begin to learn about rhyme and consolidate the concept of rhyme
    • Develop vocabulary

Two Activity Types
The program has two different activity types which are used across the three topics:

  • Which piece? – In this activity the question is presented with one piece of the puzzle and then the student has to find the answer piece from a choice of three pieces.
  • Which pair? – In this activity three pairs of pieces are presented and the student has to choose the pair that matches correctly.


  • Clear interface and attractive images
  • Full speech support throughout
  • Mouse and switch accessible
  • Custom pointer
  • Optional reward screens.

Age range:

  • Early Childhood

Ideas targeted:

  • Early concepts
  • Literacy
  • Switch use


  • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
  • Keyboard
  • Single Switch
  • Multiple Switches

Minimum system requirements:

  • PC: Microsoft Windows Version 98 or later, Pentium 233 MHz processor, 64MB RAM, 800 x 600 screen resolution, CD-ROM drive, 16 Bit colour and soundcard.
Mini Matchers 3Mini Matchers 3Mini Matchers 3
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