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Read&Write 10 GOLD for Windows

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Read&Write 10 GOLD for Windows
Grades K-13+, Inclusion. Windows.
Item#: TF-03000WIN

Read&Write GOLD is the award-winning literacy software solution that allows students to access any curriculum and complete reading, writing, and research assignments as well as take tests independently.

Read&Write GOLD helps all students succeed regardless of ability or learning style – from the youngest learners to those in higher education or the workplace. K-12 and higher education institutions are implementing Read&Write GOLD throughout their schools, districts, and campuses, and giving all students access to it.

The discrete, customizable toolbar floats on top of the commonly-used programs that students use every day, such as Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Reader, so all students can independently and confidently succeed at their own pace. They can access digital content and read the text aloud with highlighting using natural sounding voices, which boosts reading comprehension and allows writers to listen to their written work.

Educators can provide the differentiated instruction that is necessary to meet the needs of diverse student populations, including those with reading and writing difficulties, learning disabilities and English Language Learners (ELL), to ensure that all students reach their potential and achieve success.

With flexible deployment and licensing options available for school and home use (DVD or USB) Read&Write GOLD can help all students every day, in class and at home, by providing them the literacy support they need.

A software maintenance package is available for $95.00 additional which covers all updates and new versions of the software. This is available in the price drop-down at the top of the page.

To request a 30-day trial version of Read&Write GOLD please contact us at support@turningpointtechnology.com
or call (877) 608-9812.

Product Features:

Text to Speech
Reads text aloud, including websites and PDF Files, with dual highlighting using natural sounding male and female voices, including international voices.

A talking phonetic dictionary is available to provide definitions as well as alternative words to help students expand their vocabulary and improve reading comprehension. Basic, advanced, and online dictionaries support the user’s creative writing skills.

Picture Dictionary
An online Picture Dictionary is available to display images for a selected word. When a user comes across a word they are unsure of, they can search the picture dictionary for a visual image to better understand its meaning. A text definition is also included.

Verb Checker
The Verb Checker helps determine correct verb conjugation. Once the past, present or future tense is selected, the user is provided with multiple verb conjugation options.

Online Translator
The online translator allows single words, paragraphs, or blocks of text to be translated into multiple languages – perfect for ELL students! Works with any digital content.

Screenshot Reader
Reads aloud inaccessible text including text embedded within an image or Flash, locked PDFs, or online applications! The user selects the text by surrounding, hovering over, or drawing freehand around the text they are interested in. The text is captured and read aloud with highlighting and can even be placed into a Word document.

Screen Masking
Users can tint the screen using colors, like an overlay. This feature helps users who have trouble focusing on the screen by masking out the active/non active parts of the screen.

Speech Maker
Allows users to quickly and easily select any text and convert it into a sound file, such as MP3, using high-quality voices.

PDF Aloud
Dynamically speech enables any accessible Adobe Acrobat PDF file with dual highlighting.

DAISY Reader
Reads DAISY books aloud. DAISY Reader includes support for MathML and for books created using the DAISY Plug-in.

Scans print documents to be read aloud. Users can even scan documents in directly using a digital camera!

Speech Input
Converts speech to text to be read aloud.

Read Dragon Recognized Text
Reads text recognized by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking®.

Read MathML Files
Use Read&Write GOLD and Design Science’s MathPlayer™ and MathType™ to create and read aloud MathML files.

Phonetic Spell Checker
Analyzes and corrects students' spelling and returns suggestions for common spelling errors. Phonetic spelling and flexible spelling errors, such as typing without vowels, are also identified. Corrected choices and definitions for word choices are displayed and a log collects student data.

Word Prediction
Helps develop writing skills by providing the tools to construct sentences with ease. Learns the writer's style and predicts the word they are typing and the word they want to use next. Words can be added to the Prediction dictionary as desired and subject-specific word banks are available for download.

Sounds Like and Confusable Words Checker
Identifies words that sound the same (homophones) but are spelled differently (e.g., “eye” and “I”) or words that are commonly confused (e.g., “through” and “thorough”). Alternate choices are displayed, as well as their definitions.

Fact Finder
The Fact Finder helps users research information quickly by searching the web for relevant information about a topic.

Fact Folder
Using Fact Folder, users can prepare and store information for research assignments or when writing reports. It captures text and pictures, classifies the facts, and records their source. The Fact Folder also automatically generates bibliographies.

Online Fact Mapper
Fact Mapper allows students to produce a visual representation of facts and ideas on screen. This is useful when brainstorming, drafting, and revising work. Users can also add images to help remember key facts. This is particularly helpful to visual learners.

Study Skills Tools
Users can highlight and extract text from any document or website to create study guides and outlines. Users can even collect highlights from multiple sources and gather them into a single document, including the bibliography information. These tools facilitate active reading, writing, and learning.

Vocabulary List Builder
A vocabulary list can easily be built by either highlighting words in a document or by entering words manually. A Word document will be created with the vocabulary words, dictionary definitions, and images.

Talking Calculator
Access a simple/scientific calculator, which also provides an audit trail of equations The calculator includes an easy to use conversion feature.

NIMAS Conversion Tool
CAST’s NIMAS Conversion Tool is available free of charge.

Teacher’s Toolkit
Enables teachers to control the features used, add and edit features, configure user settings, monitor the progress of individuals or groups, and analyze usage patterns.

Read&Write 10 GOLD for WindowsRead&Write 10 GOLD for WindowsRead&Write 10 GOLD for WindowsRead&Write 10 GOLD for Windows

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