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Think About! 1

Explore the world through the adventures of Jasmine and Harry: Take trips to the supermarket, camping, library, fishing and more




TF-20109 Think About! 1
Grades 3-8, Inclusion, Win/Mac, switch accessible

Explore the world through the adventures of Jasmine and Harry! Take trips to the supermarket, camping, library, fishing and more! Follow the lives of these two best friends as they uncover the exploration of everyday life activities! Through narrative and floating text students can read and listen as they enjoy the short experiences of Harry and Jasmine while also learning some fun tricks to daily life encounters. With 9 different short stories students will enjoy seeing the world through the "all knowing" eyes of Jasmine, and curious Harry. Afterward test your comprehension of the story with various activities that follow the animations!

Think About! 1 is the first of a two CD set aimed for learners aged 9 and above. Great for older more reluctant readers, as well as those with specific learning difficulties (including dyslexia). It helps readers in finding attention to detail as well as improving memory, listening and reading. With audio text to match the animations children can read and listen at the same time! Students can also record dialog for them to �tell� the story. Following each of the 9 individual stories are activities to test the comprehension of each short story.

� Matching the sentence to the picture
� True or False statements
� Sequencing with pictures then with sentences
� Finding the appropriate word to finish the sentence
� Do you remember?

All activities provide an audio alternative button for text sentences; therefore students with difficulty reading can simply click to hear the audio, while also reading the text on the screen. Think About is aimed to improve listening skills, and develop levels of understanding. By inviting the user to demonstrate levels of literal, inferential and evaluative comprehension it promotes thought, discussion and debate. Think about develops concentration and memory skills while providing context that is motivating, different and age appropriate.

Teacher controls are available to customize the program to meet each of your students needs! Apply only questions to their level, use only stories you want the student to focus on, and check your students progress by looking at their records for each story. Accompanying workbook will provide full and simplified text of the stories, together with questions for more comprehension work.

Minimum system requirements
Win 98+, 400MHz, 64MB RAM
Mac OS10.1.15+, OS9 (Classic), G3+, 128MB RAM

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