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Two Wise Owls

Visual animation and mnemonics for spelling targeted to age 7 and beyond and to specific learning disabilities, including dyslexia






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Two Wise Owls
Grades 1-7,switch accessible

Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move! That�s how you spell Rhythm! Two Wise Owls is bursting with tons of mnemonic devices like this to help students remember difficult spellings! The program has been created to target pupils aged 7 and beyond as well as learners with specific learning difficulties (including dyslexia), as well as those who may find using mnemonics a useful tool for memorizing important information.

A mnemonic is a device that is used to aid memory � for instance to learn a particular spelling pattern or spelling. Mnemonics can be a useful tool for retrieving information to spell those words that are difficult to remember, such as tricky high frequency words or commonly misspelled words.

Using visual animations, Two Wise Owls provides motivating memory aids that are reinforced with the auditory production of the spelling. Therefore the learner can choose to practice the spelling as much as is needed. In addition, pupils are further encouraged to make, record, and draw and print his/her own mnemonic.

Clip art, teaching suggestions, teacher records and an accompanying set of cards are also included. Teacher controls allow specific mnemonics to be mastered at a time. Two Wise Owls is designed to support all those who have not yet enjoyed success in mastering awkward spellings.

Minimum system requirements
Win 95+, 133 MHz, 32 MB RAM, sound card

Mac OSX compatible

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