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USB Point It Joystick

Compact rugged joystick with smooth proportional control of all mouse movements
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USB Point It Joystick

� Gives smooth proportional control of all mouse movements
� Superior quality
� Rugged
� Left Click, Double Click, Right Click, Drag and Drop, Latching
� External switch jacks for those users who want a larger target area for the left and right click
� Shipped with Type Matic, an On Screen Keyboard
XP compatible

The Point-It! PC Joystick is a compact USB compatible joystick for use as an alternative to a mouse input. It gives smooth accurate proportional control of a Windows mouse pointer. This small unobtrusive unit can be located close to a user or operated on a desktop. In addition it has fixings in its base so that it can be attached to a Universal Switch Mounting System and positioned effectively for chin control.

The joystick is a professional non-contacting type as found on powered wheelchairs.

Four switches are used to operate mouse button functions left click, double click, right click and mouse speed. A fifth switch located in the top of the standard knob also operates the left button. 3.5mm jack sockets allow connection of standard switches for those who find it difficult to operate the switches on the unit itself. DragLock feature allows a user to drag without having to keep the left button pressed.

The switch buttons have an activation force of less than 150 grams. They are water resistant and provide a large target area with colourful symbols, a domed surface and a tactile feel.

A PS/2 version is available for older computers.

� Compact joystick, available in USB or PS/2 models, which gives accurate proportional control of the Windows mouse pointer
� Supports standard mouse button functions plus DoubleClick, DragLock and MouseSpeed
� 3.5mm jack sockets for connection of external switches for left/right button control
� Can be located close to a user or fitted to standard mounting systems
� Onscreen keyboard software with word prediction is included free of charge

Several different knobs are available for the PointIt! Joystick � see the Alternate PointIt! Knob Options listed on this site. Note however, that if you wish to change the knob fitted to your PointIt! Joystick, you need to order the PointIt! Joystick with the Ball Knob and the alternate knob(s) which you require. The Ball Knob can be then removed and the replacement knob can be fitted.

Type-Matic Onscreen Keyboard

Type-Matic is the onscreen keyboard software designed to be used in conjunction with Point-It! PC Joystick. A free copy of this program is included with the Point-It! PC Joystick. It enables people who cannot use an ordinary computer keyboard to input text into any Windows program.

A layout of cells represents the keys of a keyboard. When the mouse pointer is positioned over a cell and the left button is clicked the key the cell contains is sent to the active program.

Advanced word prediction features speed up the typing process. As you type Type-Matic predicts not only the word you are typing but also the next word! Abbreviation expansion is also available � so that commonly used phrases can be typed quickly, for example, type �dyk� and get �Did you know�.

The Type-Matic layout is completely configurable. Colours, fonts, grid size etc. can all be easily edited. Each cell can have its own key, colour, picture and help text. Type-Matic can be fully customised to suit different users and comes with a number of practical layouts to get you started straight away.

Note: The version of Type-Matic supplied with the Point-It! Joystick does not support switch access. If you are looking for an onscreen keyboard that supports switch access for text entry, control of mouse movements and Windows applications menus � see the Type-Matic with Switches Onscreen Keyboard.

Size: 4 x 4.3 x 1.5 in (10.5 x 11 x 3.4 cm)
Joystick Height: 3 in (8 cm)
Force to activate: 9 ox (250 g)
USB Point It Joystick

USB Point It Joystick

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