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Accessible Switches
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Switch Choice
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Cable connectors, call bell, switch tester, switch latch & timer, & toy cables
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9 Pin to USB Cable

• Connect any 9-Pin multiple switch to a computer's USB port
9 Pin to USB (USB to 9 Pin) Cable

Ability Switch Tester

• The Ability Switch Tester is a great unit for testing your switches.
• All 3 types of switches - single, dual, and multiple - plug in directly and may be tested. • Battery included.

Suitable for:
• Evaluating a number of different clients on switches: an auditory beep and light will indicate that your client has successfully activated a switch
• Isolating problems: if your switch will not activate a particular device, you can find out whether it's your switch or the device that is not working!
image of ability switch tester

CA-1 Cable Connector

Allows you to plug 2 single switches into a device with a stereo jack
image of switch connector cable

CA-2 Cable Connector

Allows you to use a dual switch with 2 devices that are each operated by a single switch
image of switch cable adaptor

CA-4 Cable Connector

Allows you to use a dual switch with 1 device that is operated by a single switch 
image of switch cable adaptor

CA-5 Cable Connector

Allows you to use 5 single switches to operate any device that accepts 1 multiple switch: that has a 9 pin D sub connector
image of 5 switch adaptor

CA-6 Cable Connector

Allows you to use 1 multiple switch with 5 devices that are each operated by a single switch
image of 5 switch adaptor
Single switch

Dual switch

Cable Extension

- Cable extensions 5ft - 152 cm


Call Bell

• The Call Bell is a small battery operated alarm which when activated will emit a distinctive two tone chime.
• The Call Bell can be operated by direct access, a single switch or remotely with an Ultra One package.
image of call bell

Single Switch Tester


Switch Latch & Timer

Change the action of a switch so that the device remains on even after you let go of the switch.
• Use with adapted toys, tape recorders, radios, etc.
• May use up to two switches and two separate devices.
• Modes of activation: momentary, latching, and timed.
• Battery included.
image of switch latch and timer

AA or C Size

D size

Toy Cables

- To adapt your toys for switch Access you will need:
- Any single switch ... please see single switches.
- A Toy Cable (3 feet long).
- Any battery-operated toy or appliance with AA, C, or D batteries.
- Insert the copper disk at the end of the Toy Cable between the battery and battery contact.
- Turn the toy on. 
- It should not work, since you have interrupted its connection to the battery. - Plug your switch into the 1/8" jack at the other end of the Toy Cable.
- Activate the switch to operate the toy.
- Batteries sold separately.
image of toy cables for making battery operated switch adaptable toys

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