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Life Skills - AudioVisual Tools

Job skills, cooking, keeping house, personal care, day planning, using transportation, good work habits, & shopping
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ABCs of Emotional Disorder DVD
Successfully integrate elementary and middle school EBD students into the educational mainstream

Every school has kids with emotional and behavioral disorders. They can be bright, engaging and fun but are also difficult, disruptive and taxing for teachers and classmates alike. The ABCs of Emotional Behavioral Disorder outlines a best practice approach to successfully integrate elementary and middle school EBD students into the educational mainstream. The video features Bob Clasen, professor emeritus and Molly Kilkenny, special education teacher, as well as student portraits and family interviews.

Segments include: Myths and misconceptions, searching for hidden strengths, Amanda's story, instructional strategies, and role plays to de-escalate and resolve conflict. The profile of eleven year-old Amanda puts theory into practice. She is charming but lonely, hard-working but struggling with grades and aware of her challenges yet optimistic about the future.

DVD, 35 minutes, CC, 2004. Includes a PDF video workbook.
 ISBN 1-57861-542-9 

package and d v d image of a b cs of emotional disorder d v d

screen shot of a b cs of emotional disorder d v d


Ease into Fitness DVD
Beginner workout for people with developmental disabilities

Get off the couch and get going! This 35-minute DVD is a beginner workout for people with developmental disabilities, combining careful coaching with fun and music. Presents exercises for flexibility, aerobics, strength and balance.

Also includes 20 reproducible pages showing step-by-step warm-up and cool-down exercises, stretching, body awareness and workout planning.

DVD, 35 min., 2002, 20 reproducible exercise pages.

Ease into Fitness DVD image

Ease into Fitness DVD screen shot

Manual + DVD

Manual + VHS
Job Coaching Strategies

One-day multimedia training session to prepare staff to be successful job coaches.

For staff working with school-to-work students on a supported employment track.

Job Coaching Strategies is a concise, goal oriented staff development program. The manual and video follow the chronology of a successful job placement from getting to know your client to maintaining employer relations. The manual features real-life examples to illustrate techniques and strategies, and provides useful forms like functional assessments and work site analysis. The video focuses on the successful supportive employment of Nick, a young man with multiple disabilities. Interviews with his parents, job coach and employer reinforce concepts discussed in the manual. Author Steve Tenpas has fifteen years experience teaching job coaches. Spiral bound, 122 pgs., includes a printable PDF on a Win/Mac CD. 2002.

job coaching strategies dvd and book

job coaching strategies images

Manual + DVD
Manual + VHS

Know the Code DVD
Social skills presented in a lively, story-based format

Your students will love the Know the Code DVD! It presents social skills in a lively, story-based format. Includes 6 segments: A Day at School, Charles Gets Teased, Dion Scores, Kristi's First Day, Shana and the Secret, and Tameka and the Bully. Two engaging hosts analyze social skills for classroom discussion.

60 min., CC, with 24 pg. video guide, 2003.

Also sold in the Know the Code Package.

ISBN 1-57861-487-2

Know the Code DVD image


Know the Code Package
Learn social behaviors at school

Ideal for all students with high functioning autism or behavioral disabilities. The three components: cards, DVD and instructor's guide form a comprehensive program that is easy to implement.

The Social Standards at School book focuses on 53 relevant social skills, organized to mesh with a typical school day: Getting ready, classroom behavior, transitions, breaks, plus relationships and etiquette. Each skill provides teacher guidelines and a student self-monitoring page. Reproducible book, spiralbound, 160 pgs., with printable PDF on a Win/Mac CD, 2003.

Know the Code Cards illustrate 50 social behaviors in five easy-to-follow steps. Each card shows a skill with a relevant photo, lists sequential steps and suggests talking points. Use these oversized cards for 8 different games, role plays and individual cue cards. Two sets of 50 laminated 4″ x 6″ color cards with instructions.

Your students will love the Know the Code DVD! It presents social skills in a lively, story-based format. Includes six segments: A Day at School, Charles Gets Teased, Dion Scores, Kristi  s First Day, Shana and the Secret, and Tameka and the Bully. Two engaging hosts analyze social skills for classroom discussion. 60 min., CC, with 24-page video guide, 2003.

Package includes cards, book and DVD. Components also sold separately.

Buy all and save!

Know the Code Package image

Know the Code Package image



Life Skills Curricula Series

6 life skills programs form a comprehensive, easy-to-implement curricula series. Available in print or video (VHS or DVD).

Follow Mary, a young woman with developmental disabilities, as she masters a wide variety of critical life skills. A lively cast of characters show skills step-by-step. An on-screen narrator provides additional information. Corresponds to the print Life Skill Curricula Series. ISBN 1-57861-471-6

Print format, includes the following:
  Home Cooking
  Keeping House
  Looking Good
  Plan Your Day
  Shopping Smart

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life skills curricula series packages

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Managing Threatening Confrontations DVD
Understand and manage escalating behaviors before they explode

This dynamic video presents Paul White  s five-stage framework for managing escalating behaviors, using situational re-enactments that include actors with developmental disabilities.

Helps teachers and classroom assistants understand and manage escalating behaviors. Great as staff inservice training for new staff or staff new to kids with behavior issues. Includes video guide with reproducible handouts. DVD extras include real-world discussions with caregivers (25 minutes), detailed slides for instruction/review and a PDF of the video guide for simplified sharing.

DVD, 35 min. (60 min. total) and training manual, 2004.

ISBN 1-57861-532-1

Managing Threatening Confrontations DVD image

Managing Threatening Confrontations DVD screen shot


School to Work DVDs
Helps students with disabilities prepare for the world of work

All titles are closed captioned.

Everybody's Working features success stories of five employees with disabilities: Larry took advantage of opportunities for advancement; Bob made innovations at the greenhouse; Maurice overcame skepticism to become a valued employee; Sue decided to pursue a new career. Each biography triggers discussion on important issues.
DVD, 22 minutes, CC, 1997

It's All Part of the Job, a multiple award-winning DVD, features real life workers with developmental disabilities and their employers. Focuses on five important social skills needed to succeed on the job: Dress Right, Be on Time, Be Ready, Be a Team Member and Be Friendly.
DVD, 21 minutes, CC, 1993.

Getting There stresses independent and safe use of transportation methods and the importance of good social skills when out and about. Covers walking on community streets, taking a bus, understanding community signs, all within the context of a clever story line.
DVD, 21 minutes, CC, 1993.

School to Work DVDs image

School to Work DVDs screen shot



Storymovies DVD
Social Concepts and Skills at School

Carol Gray, author of Social Stories, and Mark Shelley, a video producer, have combined talents to create a training program for children with Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning autism. Storymovies DVD includes 25 video vignettes illustrating social skills and concepts at school, like making mistakes and asking questions.

Each movie features classroom scenes with freeze frames illustrating important social cues. Carefully constructed visuals and clear narration with on-screen text helps children with autism understand the meaning of social situations.

image of Storymovies DVD

image of Storymovies DVD


Straight Talk Series DVD
A 3 video series on alcohol and drug abuse, self-esteem, school and community violence and family disharmony

This award-winning three-video series addresses alcohol and drug abuse, self-esteem, school and community violence and family disharmony. The videos feature frank testimonials of teenagers and young adults who have experienced and overcome rough times. A real mix of multi-cultural youth are interviewed without adult interpretation. Each DVD is approximately 90 minutes long. A spiralbound Discussion Guide is included with each DVD.

Straight Talk follows the chronology of typical substance abuse patterns: Getting started, hitting bottom and recovery. Edited in an MTV style, your students will certainly identify with Domingo, Stacy and the 17 other kids.

Violent Times has 3 segments: Rage, grief and recovery. Each gives insights into how anger can get out of control and cause real problems for the perpetrator, victim and society. Viewers will learn the varied causes of violence and the ways to manage anger and resentment.

Values and Social Skills covers self-esteem, morals, and character issues within a multi-cultrual context. Viewers learn how personal experiences and family ties influence life choices.

Available separately and in a money-saving series of all three DVDs. Choose from the options below.

Videos originally produced in 1992 to 1995. Reformatted for DVD, 2004.

Straight Talk Series DVD DVD image

Straight Talk Series DVD DVD screen shot


Working with Hostile & Resistant Teens DVD or VHS
Manage difficult students grades 7-12 in and outside the classroom

Manage difficult students grades 7-12 in and outside the classroom. Working With Hostile and Resistant Teens provides school-tested anger management strategies developed by therapist Steven Campbell. Role plays with actual at risk teens acting out their own personal histories of aggressive and manipulative behavior bring scenarios to life.

Campbell leads the role plays, then provides an analysis of each one showing viewers how to avoid being drawn into the game triangle,  which consists of a victim, persecutor and rescuer. By avoiding the game, you reduce emotional content and are able to focus more clearly on the student's behavior.

Working With Hostile and Resistant Teens was originally released in 1993 and reformatted for DVD in 2004. Two 45 min. VHS videos or one 90 min. DVD, each with a guide.

ISBN 1-57861-536-4

Working with Hostile & Resistant Teens DVD or VHS DVD image

Working with Hostile & Resistant Teens DVD or VHS DVD screen shot


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