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Literacy Curricula

Our literacy curricula cover shopping scenarios, managing money, and high priority and high frequency words using games, software, manipulatives, group activities, and activity cards
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GR Program + Manipulatives

Getting Real Manipulatives
Complement the Getting Real Program with this collection of manipulatives.
Grades 7-adult

Shopping Cards • 288 full-color laminated cards illustrate food and non-food items.
Hands-On Money • realistic imitation money in an organizer box. 210 assorted bills and 280 full-color cardboard coins.
Big Display Calculator is a dual-powered (battery/solar) calculator with a tilting LCD. Number Disks • (0-20, 5-100, 10-200) display digits and number words.
Check Writer • two check registers with pads of checks, deposit slips and a checkbook cover.

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GR Program+ Manipulatives

Getting Real Program
A comprehensive academic curriculum for students with cognitive disabilities, grades 7 • adult
Grades 7 - adult

Getting Real Program is a comprehensive academic curriculum for students with cognitive disabilities, grades 7 • adult. The pre-test, instruction and post-test sequence is ideal for IEP success. The 120 daily worksheets are linked to the tests and provide long-term relevant instruction in language arts, math and life skills. Developed by Debbie Semple and Shelia Lechler and implemented in their classroom for 15 years, the program emphasizes functional skills that can be used everyday, like money, time, survival words, check writing, following a calendar and dozens more. Worksheets and tests can be photocopied or printed from the CD-ROM. Spiral bound book, 325 pgs., includes a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF, 2004. Supplement with Getting Real Manipulatives.

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School to Work Skills

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Getting Real with Reading
A 36-week program designed for students with cognitive disabilities, grades 7-12.

Teach word meanings and spelling for high priority words with an engaging hands-on tool! Students practice learning definitions, then self-check their spelling. Users simply slide the insert up or down until the desired word is located. Alphabetized words include number, calendar, direction, math and high frequency words plus homophones and synonyms.

Consistency: Manageable lessons following the same pattern week after week
Group activities: word card games, reading sentences aloud, and class discussions
• Begin with sentence tracing in print and cursive, copying whole sentences, filling in missing words and punctuation
Designed to encourage, not overwhelm

• Covered spiral bound book with photocopy rights, 339 pages, 2005.
Win/Mac CD with printable PDF files.

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Windows and Mac Compatible


High Priority Vocabulary Curriculum
Help students enlarge their reading, spelling & speaking vocabularies, concentrating on basic essential words.

Skill sets: number, calendar, direction, math and high frequency words plus common homophones and synonyms.
Activities: Step-by-step reproducible lesson plans, objectives with benchmarks and student assessments help you organize class time. Illustrated worksheets, word games and other activities appeal to students of all ages.
WordRules slide charts: You also get a cool set of WordRules, also sold separately. These handy slide charts reinforce worksheet activities and make a great classroom reference tool.
Expert authorship: Judi Kinney, a veteran special education teacher.

image of High Priority Vocabulary Curriculum


Phonics System
Kindergarten -Grade 4, Inclusion

Each part uses the same color-coding system so that students make connections and translate skills. Each components available individually.

Phonics 4 CD Set: Each of the 4 Phonics programs follows an easy-to-use layout, based around 3 sequential activities for teaching each letter/sound relationship.

Clusters Phonics Game: This exciting word-building game includes 100 plastic tiles in 10 bright colors representing the most common letter groups found in the English language.

8 Spelling Board Games: 8 irresistible board games reinforce letter-sound relationships in a fun and interactive way.

Magnetic Letters Triple Pack: Our magnetic foam letters and clusters are a full 2" high, joined when needed by white PVC that creates an invisible connection on a white board (not supplied).

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All 6 Curricula

Body, Clothes, Grooming, & Health


Grocery Store


Kitchen & Bathroom

School & Basic Concepts

Complete Kit

Real World Picture Words Curriculum
A step-by-step way to help students with limited or no reading skills learn 200 words

Based on the popular software, each of the six curriculum programs provides a step-by-step way to help students with limited or no reading skills learn 200 words. Designed to complement Real-World Picture Words Activity Cards. Each 102-page curriculum includes reproducible student pages, teacher suggestions, and assessment tools. Each of the 200 picture words are illustrated, defined, and used in simple sentences. The words are taught in groups of five to increase both comprehension and retention.

HOW THE CURRICULUM WORKS Words are taught using a two-page teaching guide. One sheet has a reproducible activity page for the students to use for reference. The other sheet is a lesson plan for teaching those five words. The lesson plan includes a systematic way to help students learn what each of the five words means. After reviewing the word, its definition, and the word used in a sentence, the teacher presents activities detailed in the curriculum. Students answer questions about the words, participate in hands-on activities, and listen to stories in which the words are used in context. The engaging format promotes active learning. Open-ended questions encourage discussion.

SCHOOL & BASIC CONCEPTS 100 words focus on people, places, and objects in a school. 100 words focus on basic concepts.
BODY, CLOTHING, GROOMING & HEALTH 55 words cover parts of the body, 85 words cover clothing, and 60 words cover grooming and health items.
GROCERY STORE FOODS 200 words include foods commonly found in a grocery store.
COMMUNITY 200 words cover community helpers, places, and objects found in communities.
HOUSEHOLD 200 words focus on items commonly found in a home.
KITCHEN & BATHROOM 140 words cover items in a kitchen, and 60 words cover bathroom items.
ASSESSMENT A progress chart is included for monitoring student progress.

The complete kit includes all of the components of the Real-World Picture Words product family. For each of the following titles a software program, a 102-page curriculum with reproducible activity sheets, and set of 200 activity cards are included: School & Basic Concepts; Body, Clothing, Grooming & Health; Grocery Store Foods; Community Words; Household Words; and Kitchen & Bathroom Words.

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Set of 6 Curricula
1 Curriculum

RW PW - Complete Kit

WordWise Program: Spanish and English

Combines pictures, words, speech and print features to form a language curriculum in Spanish and English. Ideal for ESL students with special needs.

WordWise CD-ROM, Language Cards, Master Cards Book and the Functional Literacy Workbook.

Multimedia assessment and teaching program.
588 laminated picture language cards: Fronts have pictures, backs have English/Spanish.
Master Cards Book: 588 illustrations from Cards as black-line masters for photocopying.
Categories included: Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, expressions & familiar places.
Functional Literacy Workbook: includes over 100 progressive, reinforcing exercises.
Reproducible worksheets: in English and Spanish.


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