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Check Writing Practice Binder

A comprehensive step-by-step program to learn to write personal checks
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PC-0406 Check Writing Practice Binder

Students read (or can have read to them), a "real-life" one paragraph story. Then they write a check to make a small dollar amount purchase for a product or service. This easy-to-learn method teaches basic banking skills, and when used with the reproducible Practice Worksheets, gives students a true hands-on way to practice writing checks. From elementary students to adults preparing to open a checking account for the first time, all ages will delight in using this complete and realistic check writing system.

Even participants who have no writing skills should be asked to verbally or in sign language instruct a paraprofessional on how to fill out a check for them, leaving the signature line blank so that the participant can sign or mark their check. Both teens and adults with severe developmental disabilities may be in real life situations where other people will write checks for them. This program will help them to be part of the check writing process to the best of their abilities, so they can help choose how the money in their checking account is spent. When participants are writing personal checks in the future to department stores, utility companies, video stores, dry cleaning stores, and other merchants, the skills they learned here will have given them a "real life" banking experience to write checks with confidence.

Check Writing Practice Binder
Includes teacher's three-ring binder and instruction guide, with 50 reproducible Level 1 worksheets and 50 reproducible Level 2 worksheets. Level I has a Helper Guide for individuals who need maximum assistance in learning to write a check. Level 2 is for individuals who need minimum assistance, or who have successfully completed Level 1. All worksheets have age-appropriate illustrations to help participants comprehend what product or service is being purchased in the story. If a participant has limited or no reading skills, the story can be read aloud by someone, with the participant following along using the illustration as a functional reading tool. Large type is used for easy reading. After mastering the Level 2 worksheets, the student moves to writing realistic checks using individual Check Packets.

Check Packets (Set of 10)
Each of the 10 Check Packets include a Deluxe Check wallet that holds a PCI Check Pad and PCI Check Register, along with handy slots for the enclosed PCI Identification Card and other forms of identification or banking cards that teachers may want to add to this program. This pocket book approach helps teach participants the importance of keeping all check writing supplies together in a safe place. Three PCI check pads contain 25 checks apiece. These realistic checks are actual size to help prepare participants to write small enough for the space provided on real checks. They contain the same information that real checks have so that the transition to opening and maintaining a checking account at a local bank can be as easy as possible. Each check pad also includes eight PCI Deposit Slips. The PCI Check Register has a large space for each entry to make it easy to record written checks and deposits.

Check Writing Complete Kit includes one Check Writing Practice Binder and 10 Check Packets.

Check Writing Practice Additional Check Packets
Is a set of 5 Check Packets and is sold separately for teachers who have groups of more than 10 and for teachers who are using other programs that require check writing.

Check Pad Refills are also available separately in a set of 30.

Check Writing Practice Binder

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