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Community Places Bingo

Learn about community businesses and services with this set of fun bingo games
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PC-0704 Community Places Bingo

The games also provide insight into the numerous jobs and responsibilities of many community workers. They are ideal for prekindergarten, kindergarten, and elementary-age students of all abilities; middle and high school students with developmental disabilities and learning differences; adults with developmental disabilities and "life skills" reading programs; and students in English as a second-language classes. Each colorful Bingo Card and Calling Card features simple, high-interest illustrations.

Each game includes 20 full-color 8 1/2" x 11" Bingo Boards, 30 full-color Bingo Calling Cards, one Bingo Matching Mat, one reproducible Winner's Chart, 180 Chip Markers and an Instruction Guide that includes a reproducible Pre/Post Assessment.

Community Places Bingo
Covers 30 familiar businesses and services found in many cities. Full-color illustrations of the community places assist visual learners in recognizing specific features of each site. This easy-to-play bingo game assists students in learning not only the names of the community places but more about the services available at each location.

This game corresponds with Community Helpers Bingo to promote better comprehension of local services. Throughout the game, teachers can pull from their own experiences and make comments or ask questions about each community place. As students learn more about each location, they should be encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences. Teachers can plan field trips to help students learn more about the places in this program. The community field trips also offer the perfect opportunity to reinforce survival signs found in and near businesses. The game is ideal for inclusive classrooms and peer-buddy groups.

Community Places include Airport, Animal Clinic, Bank, Bus Stop, Cafeteria, Car Wash, Day Care Center, Dentist Office, Doctor's Office, Drug Store, Eye Care Clinic, Fire Station, Garbage Company, Gas Station, Grocery Store, Hair Salon, Hospital, Hotel, Jail, Laundromat, Library, Mall, Movie Theater, Nursing Home, Park, Police Station, Post Office, Restaurant, School, and Telephone Company.

Community Helpers Bingo
Covers 30 familiar occupations found in many cities. This easy-to-play game assists students in learning not only the job titles of the community helpers but more about their numerous daily duties and responsibilities. A full-color illustration of each community helper assists students in learning the functional meaning of each job title. All community helpers are featured in the natural workplace setting which promotes better comprehension of the types of job duties performed.

This game corresponds with Community Places Bingo. Throughout the game teachers can pull from their own experiences and make comments or ask questions about each community helper. As students learn more about each worker, they will begin to understand and appreciate the benefits these people bring to neighborhoods and cities. Also, teachers might invite actual community helpers to come speak to the class. Or better yet, teachers can plan field trips and take students to actual work sites to learn more about the workers in this program. The game is ideal for inclusive classrooms and peer-buddy groups.

Community Helpers include Airline Ticket Agent, Veterinarian, Bank Teller, Bus Driver, Food Server, Car Wash Attendant, Child Care Assistant, Dentist, Physician, Pharmacist, Optometrist, Firefighter, Garbage Collector, Mechanic, Cashier, Hair Stylist, Nurse, Housekeeper, Jailer, Laundry Worker, Librarian, Sales Clerk, Movie Ticket Seller, Activity Director, Park Ranger, Police Officer, Mail Carrier, Waiter, Teacher, and Telephone Technician.

Choking Hazard. The Chip Markers in these games are not for use by children under 3 years of age or persons of any age who have a history of placing inedible objects in their mouth.

Product Type: Games
Number of Players: Up to 20 players, each game
Components: 20 Bingo Boards, 30 Bingo Calling Cards, Bingo Matching Mat, Winner's Chart, 180 Chip Markers, Instruction Guide with Pre/Post Assessment
Reproducible: No
Reading Level: High-interest/Low-level reading
Age Appropriate Level: Early Learning, Elementary, Secondary, Adult
Copyright: 1998

Community Places Bingo

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