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U.S. History Shorts 2 - Binder

Help learning the basic concepts covered in U.S. history
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U.S. History Shorts are reproducible binders & audio CD sets, individually sold & in combinations shown below, designed for students of all ages who need help learning the basic concepts covered in U.S. history classes.

Target Audience

The low reading level and age-appropriate illustrations make the short, high-interest passages and activities appealing to struggling readers. Lessons are effective for on-level students, students with learning differences, students with behavior challenges, and students and adults who are reading below grade level. Lessons are also appropriate for at-risk and ELL students.

Binder 2 Lessons,
Mid-1800s through the Present:

Includes 30 standards-based one-page stories, or shorts, that focus on key historical concepts. Shorts can be used as introductory lessons, can be taught in greater depth with additional resources, or can serve as an overview for topics that you wish to cover quickly:

• Native Americans
• Cattle Kingdom
• Industrial Revolution
• Immigrant Life
• Monopolies
• Political Machines
• Hawaii Annexation
• Spanish-American War
• Panama Canal
• Progressive Era
• World War I
• Great Depression
• New Deal
• World War II
• Cold War
• McCarthyism
• Korean War
• Cuban Missile Crisis
• JFK Assassination
• Civil Rights
• Vietnam War
• Watergate
• Iran Hostage Crisis
• Persian Gulf War
• 9/11/01 Terror Attacks

Activity Sheets

Following each short are four activity sheets and a quiz. Students practice reading-comprehension skills and answer content-area recall questions; interpret maps, charts, and graphs; research significant historical people, places, and events; and express opinions through writing. The activity sheets include multiple-choice, short-answer, and extension questions as well as crossword puzzles. Each short also includes visual activity which consists of a map, chart, or graph. For each short, alone-page quiz assesses students� understanding of the most important information. Quizzes include questions written in standardized test format. Answer keys are also provided.

Binder 2 Audio CD Set

Sold separately.
CDs feature recordings of each of the shorts in the corresponding binders. This audio component helps improve comprehension for struggling learners and supports students with diverse learning styles. Two CDs are included.

US History Shorts Products:

U.S. History Shorts 1
U.S. History Shorts 1 - Audio CD Set
U.S. History Shorts 1 - Binder
U.S. History Shorts 1 - Binder & Audio CD Set

U.S. History Shorts 2
U.S. History Shorts 2 - Audio CD Set
U.S. History Shorts 2 - Binder
U.S. History Shorts 2 - Binder & Audio CD Set

U.S. History Shorts 1 & 2
U.S. History Shorts 1 & 2 - Audio CD Sets
U.S. History Shorts 1 & 2 - Binders
U.S. History Shorts 1 & 2 - Binders & Audio CDs

U.S. History Shorts 2 - Binder

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