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Functional Language: Life Activities

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Coping with Chaos

Coping With Chaos is a story based program about emotions and behavior, designed for children and adults with autism, behavioral difficulties and/or learning difficulties.

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Employment Signs CD-ROM

- This video-based software presents 80 employment signs in real work situations.
- Signs vary from those common throughout the workplace (exit and no smoking) to those used in specific locations (hard hat area and employees must wash hands.)
- Employment Signs incorporates instructional video, multiple choice questions and problems requiring the student to place correct signs in realistic photos.
- All activities are monitored by an easy-to-use management system that lets you select the signs presented to the student, plus keeps track of student progress.
- Features pre- and post-test options, printable sign worksheets in PDF format, closed captioning for video clips and touch screen compatibility.

Win 98-XP  Mac Classic/OSX  

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Make Choices with Switch Symbol

Let's Go To Town

Designed to promote decision making and encourage discussion of the real-life activity at a basic level. The story and presentation are aimed at students of all ages, principally with severe learning difficulties and/or little reading ability. Use keyboard, mouse, switch, touch monitor or IntelliKeys.

Win 95-XP  Mac Classic/OSX

let's go to town software

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Out and About 2
Special Education
BETT Award Winner 2003 - Best Special Needs Secondary Software

This second CD-ROM in this popular series contains advanced reading and writing activities, as well as activities involving money, pricing and general life skill issues designed for older learners.

The activities include: Cooking, Shopping, Use-by dates, Spelling, Information gathering, Sequencing and Word processing.

- Can be used by non-readers
- Uses real-life signs and symbols
- Age appropriate graphics and photographs
- Choice of male or female voice to guide you through the program

Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT; Pentium 266 MHz; 32 MB RAM; 800 x 600 video, 16 bit color; sound card; 8 x CD-ROM drive for a standalone installation (not required for networked workstations).
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Teach Me to Talk


CD Overlay

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Teach Me to Talk More on Teach Me to Talk
Experience vocabulary in different activities

Do you have students who aren't talking? Teach Me to Talk is a language and speech stimulation program that enables students to focus on individual words. Many students need to hear a word repeated, up to 20, 30 or more times before they can produce it themselves. Teach Me to Talk provides this opportunity in four different learning activities. Vocabulary groups include animals, clothing, food, household items, transportation and words that begin with b, p and m.
Intellikeys Overlay CD sold separately.

WinME-XP Mac OS8.1-9.2/OSX Classic

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More on Teach Me to Talk
CD Overlay$49.00
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Tools for Work CD-ROM
Learn vocabulary and tool functions

- This video-based software presents 80 tools and machines found in workshops and industrial settings.
- Tools vary from common (hammer and screwdriver) to those used for specific applications (router and soldering iron).
- The program features an instructional phase and multiple choice section.
- During Instruction, the tool is identified and its function clearly illustrated with video.
- Multiple choice questions requires students to select the correct word to match the tool picture.

Features pre- and post-test options, printable worksheets in PDF format, closed captioning for video clips and touch screen compatibility.

Win 98-XP  Mac 8.6-9.2/OSX Classic

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