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Where Does My Money Go Level 2 Upgrade Kit

An entertaining learning game for teaching basic money counting & shopping skills in a fun & relaxed setting
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Where Does My Money Go Level 2 Upgrade Kit

Where Does My Money Go? is a lively and entertaining learning game created as a result of the combined efforts of two experienced teachers and authors for teaching basic money counting and shopping skills in a fun and relaxed setting. Two to four players conduct money transactions at the grocery store, restaurant, mall, and shopping mart using realistic currency.

This educational and engaging game focuses on ways to earn money, pay bills, and deal with unexpected expenses in the "real world." Where Does My Money Go? comes in two levels and is perfect for students and adults with learning differences as well as nonreaders or low-level readers.

Where Does My Money Go? Level 1 currency is limited to quarters and bills ($1's, $5's, $10's, and $20's) reinforcing the "next dollar" teaching method. Draw cards inform players whether they are buying an item or how much money the will receive.

Where Does My Money Go? Level 2 is for those who have mastered Level 1 and are ready to practice with additional coins. This game adds pennies, nickles, and dimes. In this more advanced version, many of the Pay and Get Money amounts differ from Level I in that a variety of coins must be used.

Levels 1 & 2 are available as a set

For those who already have Level 1, the Where Does My Money Go? Level 2 Upgrade Kit allows you to change out the Draw Cards and add the additional coins without having to purchase a new game board and playing pieces.

A complete, easy-to-use Teacher's Guide provides the same instructions for both Level 1 and 2, variations of play, and suggestions for focusing on communication skills during play. The objective of the game is not to win or lose, but to improve a wide range of money handling skills.

Skills Taught:

� Coin and Bill Recognition
� Counting Money
� Handling Money
� Making Purchases
� Ways to Earn Money
� Dealing with Unexpected Windfalls
� Dealing with Financial Setbacks
� Spending Money on Necessities
� Spending Money on Luxury Items
� Communication
� Counting
� Reading
� Attention-to-Task
� Number Recognition
� Perception
� Following Directions
� Fair Play

� Game Board
� 200 Draw Cards
� Die and 6 Playing Pieces
� 18 Bank Pass Cards
� 200 Realistic Bills
� 50 Realistic Coins
� Teacher's Guide

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