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Assistive Technology Manipulatives

Hands-on activities provide a wide range of graduated visual, auditory, and tactile learning challenges and prevocational education
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Individual Activities

Academic Work Activities

10 basic work activities

10 basic work activities use recognizable materials. Each includes step-by-step instructions, data collection reports, and all necessary bins and boxes.

Each of 6 Contents available separately:

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Budget Town

Bundle w Budget City


Budget Town

Teach basic budgeting skills in the context of an engaging game for ages 8 and up.

Color coding, cash transactions and liberal use of picture cues make it ideal for beginners, or students learning to read. This hands-on board game engages students in a fun learning experience. Players move around the game board drawing cards that require them to either pay or receive money. Players spend money, make change, watch budgets, and pay bills - just like in the real world. The realistic, true-to-life situations make it relevant for life skill training. New version now includes revised category cards, updated bills, and full-color coins from pennies to gold dollars in a convenient "bank" and storage tray.

image of Budget Town
Budget Town


Coin Abacus

This talking learning tool is a great way to teach basic money skills. Students use their fingers to slide coins left to add and right to subtract. Money totals are displayed on an LCD screen. Preprogrammed activities have students move money to match specific amounts, like $3.65. Features volume control, headphone jack and a mute button.

Batteries included. Size: 11 x 9 x 21/2 inches.

image of Coin Abacus


Next Dollar Shopping Game

Next Dollar Shopping, by Pat Crissey, provides students with a unique way to practice the skill of exchanging money. Students who have difficulty transitioning between coin counting and making change benefit from the next dollar strategy introduced in this game. The fully illustrated game board provides students with opportunities to identify the next dollar amount needed to purchase items in "real-world" situations.

next dollar shopping game


Pre-Voc One

Ten basic work activities to teach basic work skills from reach and grasp to attending over time. Specific basic skills are introduced, but even more important (and easier to generalize) are basic work knowledge behaviors,

Pre-Voc One image


Pre-Voc Two

Ten intermediate work activities teach specific work skills and important work habits and behaviors.

Pre-Voc Two image


Pre-Voc Three

Ten sophisticated work tasks use recognizable materials to teach multi-step activities. Specific skills are practiced, and important work skills and habits are developed and reinforced. Many tasks require uses of multiple parts over extended work periods.

Pre-Voc Three image


Sight Word Reading Package

Combines flash cards with multimedia software for basic sight word instruction

This package combines flash cards with multimedia software for students who need basic sight word instruction. Software allows you to match illustrations, text and speech with a record keeping function for assessing student progress. Flash cards feature common words and symbols in context, ideal for individual or small group instruction.

image of Sight Word Reading Package
Table Setting


Table Setting and Placemats

Mealtime skills

Illustrated placemats make setting the table easy! Simply match plastic tableware (plate, bowl, tumbler, knife, fork and spoon) to the outlines. Placemats are laminated and two-sided, one with mealtime picture communication cues. Table Setting includes four tableware sets and four illustrated placemats.

image of table setting
Table Setting



Focus on skills and behaviors common to secondary students in various "real-world" settings

Taking Charge of My Behavior curriculum and game, written by Pat Crissey, focus on skills and behaviors common to secondary students in various "real-world" settings. These innovative tools promote good behavior and provide the skills students need to choose positive actions over inappropriate ones. Curriculum and game can be used together or individually and are beneficial to students who need intervention for managing their own behavior. Teaches common behaviors that will help students build and maintain control of themselves and interactions they have with others.

Worksheets, Activities, & Game

Worksheets & Activities



TouchMoney Game, Worksheets, & BigCoin Activities

Revised and updated,

TouchMoney, formerly Edmark's, by Cathy Haugen Faucher, uses a proven kinesthetic approach to make learning to count coins quick and easy. Based on the idea that all coins except pennies can be counted using 5's, this step-by-step process helps students of all ages experience success with this essential life skill. New features include expanded lesson plans, over 50 additional reproducible worksheets, new activity ideas and games, demonstration coins, and assessments.

How It Works

Students learn to count "TouchPoints" on nickels, dimes, and quarters to determine the value of the coins. Each TouchPoint equals 5 cents. Pennies are "TouchCounted" last since they are worth 1 cent each.

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touch money game, worksheets, and big coin activities
Activities & Coins

Worksheets &
Big Coin Activities


WordWheel Only


WordWheel Program

Help students enlarge their reading, spelling & speaking vocabularies, concentrating on basic essential words.

The WordWheel Program has two components: Attainment's WordWheel and the WordWheel Workbook.

The WordWheel allows students to make hundreds of words by turning three self-contained wheels � for word beginnings, middle vowels and word endings. The WordWheel has an easy side for making words like sing and bed, and a more challenging side for words like brush and shake.

image of WordWheel Program

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