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Math, Money, and Time Manipulatives

Math and Money Manipulatives and Calculators a graduated range of visual, auditory, and tactile learning challenges
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Budget City

w Budget Town


Budget City

A more advanced budgeting skills through an engaging game for grades 3-6.

More advanced than Budget Town. Is appropriate for students grades 3�6 with more developed money skills. Players pay with checks, credit cards, or cash and collect interest on savings. 5 difficulty levels let you tailor the game to student abilities, adding new components as skills improve. Enrich your money management curricula and provide hours of fun for everyone. New version now includes revised category cards, updated bills, and full-color coins from pennies to gold dollars in a convenient "bank" and storage tray.

Also bundled with Budget Town in Budget Games.

image of Budget City money skills game
Budget Town

w Budget City



Budget Town

Teach basic budgeting skills in the context of an engaging game for ages 8 and up.

Color coding, cash transactions and liberal use of picture cues make it ideal for beginners, or students learning to read. This hands-on board game engages students in a fun learning experience. Players move around the game board drawing cards that require them to either pay or receive money. Players spend money, make change, watch budgets, and pay bills - just like in the real world. The realistic, true-to-life situations make it relevant for life skill training. New version now includes revised category cards, updated bills, and full-color coins from pennies to gold dollars in a convenient "bank" and storage tray.

image of Budget Town
Budget Town


Basic math concepts

Designed to help teach math fact families plus other basic math concepts. Kit contains a CalcuLine with numbers 0'20 with plastic counters and number-marker pegs in two colors. Includes an easy-to-read teacher's guide

Lesson plans cover

  • Counting to and from 20
  • Matching to a number or a set
  • Counting from one number to another
  • Comparing numbers 0-20
  • Skip counting and finding even/odd numbers
  • Solving fact family problems 0-18
  • Story problems plus game-like activities

ISBN 1-57851-482-1 20030601N

image of CalcuLine

Carry and Borrow Line

Place value and regrouping

This innovative teaching tool helps students solve more difficult computations, without using paper and pencil worksheets. Gives students a better understanding of place value and number sense.

Lesson plans in the teacher's guide cover

  • Matching sets of tens and ones to a chosen number
  • Creating number patterns and learning place value
  • Adding/subtracting problems with no regrouping
  • Adding/subtracting problems with regrouping

Includes Carry and Borrow Line (two sections), rods in two lengths, storage bin and teacher's guide.

image of Carry and Borrow Line


Coin Abacus

This talking learning tool is a great way to teach basic money skills. Students use their fingers to slide coins left to add and right to subtract. Money totals are displayed on an LCD screen. Preprogrammed activities have students move money to match specific amounts, like $3.65. Features volume control, headphone jack and a mute button.

Batteries included. Size: 11 x 9 x 21/2 inches.

image of Coin Abacus



The talking Coin-U-Lator makes coin counting easy and fun! Instead of standard numbers on a regular calculator, this device uses realistic coin buttons and a dollar bill. Does addition and subtraction. A game option lets students show off their money skills. Batteries included.

image of Coin-U-Lator


Hands-on money counting tool

Helps teach students to count money and make change up to a dollar. DollarLine has 2 connecting sections: 0 to $0.50 and $0.55 to $1.00. The front side has slots for nickels, dimes, and quarters; the back has no slots and accommodates all coins. Sections fit securely into a reversible frame: display money values or cover them for assessments. Kit includes superior full-size imitation coins in a 6-compartment organizer plus a teacher's guide.

Lessons cover

  • Counting like and unlike coins to and from a dollar
  • Making equivalent change
  • Making purchases and counting change
  • Story problems

A helpful tool for teaching basic money skills in any classroom.

image of dollar line

Fraction Line

Visualize fraction values

Hands-on tool lets students visualize difficult fraction problems. Includes an easy-to-read ruler with a slot to hold and measure pre-cut fraction pieces. The ruler has eighths, fourths and halves on top and twelfths, sixths, thirds and halves on the bottom. Fraction pieces represent 1/4, 1/8, 1/2; 1/12, 1/6, 1/3. Dice with same values allow for a wide range of student activities like measuring, comparing, adding and subtracting fractions. Includes teacher's guide with reproducibles, 12 each of six fraction pieces, 6-compartment storage box plus fraction dice.

image of Fraction Line

Hands on Money

Almost like real cash! The most realistic imitation money available anywhere. Includes bills from $1 to $100. Coins are full-color, actual size on cardboard, with a generous supply of pennies to gold dollar coins. Packed in an organizer box, ideal for storing and counting activities. Set includes a total of 210 assorted bills and 280 assorted coins.

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image of Hands On Money

Math Activity Manipulatives

High-quality manipulatives include

  • Realistic cardboard coins in a clear unbreakable organize
  • 210 unbreakable plastic square rods (in 3 lengths: 0.6,, 3, and 6 in
  • 210 blue and yellow plastic counters in durable storage boxes storage bin
image of Math Activity Manipulatives


Teach linear measurement

A unique tool for teaching students linear measurement in the classroom. The MeasureLine kit contains a 12 in ruler with a slot to hold plastic rods in six lengths from 1 to 6 in.

Teacher's guide presents lessons by difficulty

  • Sorting and comparing measuring rods
  • Solving addition problems to 12
  • Measuring a specified length
  • Estimating and proving length of an object
  • Game-like challenge activity
image of MeasureLine

Money Books

Ideal for community-based or classroom instruction, these laminated money cues have full-color images of coins and bills to make money identification easy.

Coin Flip shows coin combinations with actual size coins so users can match to sample.

Ten Dollar Book shows bill combination up to a ten dollar purchase and when users should expect change back.

Coin Book Cue is a pocket-sized cue that shows coin combinations for buss fare, pay phones, coin-op machines or other small purchases.

image of Money Books- money identification material
Money Calc 2009

3 Pack


Money Calc 2009

Two Modes

MoneyCalc Mode

Money amounts are always displayed with the dollar sign and ending zeros. Thus, five dollars is displayed on the screen as $5.00, unlike a traditional calculator that just displays 5. Money-math computations are visually concrete as each number entered is displayed in this same, easy-to-understand way (e.g., $2.00 + $1.50 = $3.50).

Calc Mode

Allows the device to be used as a traditional calculator for working math problems that do not involve money.

New Display Option

A switch on the side of the MoneyCalc allows students to toggle between a horizontal and a vertical display of problems. Students can set the MoneyCalc to display problems vertically to match the orientation of the problems in MoneyCalc Activities.

Money Calc
3 Pack


Money Station

Standards-based instruction

Money Station blends hands-on activities, worksheets and standards-based skill sets to form a comprehensive money program. Includes a 126 page Curriculum Guide, booklets for coin and bill counting, realistic imitation money and 4 durable Coin Cubes, used in adding and equivalency activities. The Curriculum Guide has 8 sequenced skill sets with objectives, assessment sheets and worksheets with realistic illustrations, appropriate for all grades. The $1.00 Coin Counter pictures actual size coins, ideal for match-to-sample activities. The $10.00 Bill Counter begins at a dollar, with each page increasing 25 cents in value. Both show change back examples.

Includes a Win/Mac CD with PDF to print out worksheets and assessment forms.

image of Money Station


Next Dollar Shopping Game

Next Dollar Shopping, by Pat Crissey, provides students with a unique way to practice the skill of exchanging money. Students who have difficulty transitioning between coin counting and making change benefit from the next dollar strategy introduced in this game. The fully illustrated game board provides students with opportunities to identify the next dollar amount needed to purchase items in "real-world" situations.

next dollar shopping game

Number Pattern Line

Create patterns and count by 5s & 10s

This hands-on teaching tool helps students extend, solve and create number patterns. Number and word disks are organized in sequence or pattern on the Pattern Line board. The kit includes pattern board, 4 sets of 90 color-coded number disks (0-20, 5-100 and 10-200), organizer bin, and a teacher's guide with lesson plans.

  • Match, extend and create number patterns
  • Match number words to numbers
  • Count forward and backward from number to number
image of Number Pattern Line

All 3 Files

Resource File- Money

Part of 3 convenient resource files cover hard-to-teach content areas: Money, Life and Social Skills. Each file folder includes dozens of reproducible student activity pages plus a PDF on CD for easy printouts. Taken from 10 of our best curricula.

Money Skills features 56 illustrated money worksheets that progress from coin identification to making change, 18 banking and budgeting forms and 27 shopping worksheets for calculating discounts and sales tax.

image of money skills resources
Money Skills


Time Wheels


  • Two sizes of hands-on model clocks teach time telling skills.
  • Hour and minute hands turn independently for both analog and digital times.
  • Time Wheels are durable, easy-to-read and appropriate for students of any age.
  • Made with laminated card stock and transparent plastic.
  • Sold individually or as a set with one 7 1/2 in wheel and five 4 5/8 in smaller wheels.
image of Time Wheels
Worksheets, Activities, and Game

Worksheets & Activities



TouchMoney Game, Worksheets, and BigCoin Activities

Revised and updated, TouchMoney, formerly Edmark's, by Cathy Haugen Faucher, uses a proven kinesthetic approach to make learning to count coins quick and easy. Based on the idea that all coins except pennies can be counted using 5's, this step-by-step process helps students of all ages experience success with this essential life skill. New features include expanded lesson plans, over 50 additional reproducible worksheets, new activity ideas and games, demonstration coins, and assessments.

How It Works

Students learn to count "TouchPoints" on nickels, dimes, and quarters to determine the value of the coins. Each TouchPoint equals 5 cents. Pennies are "TouchCounted" last since they are worth 1 cent each.

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touch money game, worksheets, and big coin activities
Activities & Coins

Worksheets &
Big Coin Activities


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