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Dual Arm Mount'n Mover

Dual Arm Mount�n Mover
A customizable, easily adjusted mounting system for wheelchairs and work stations,
readily locked into or moved out of position with one hand
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Dual Arm Mount�n Mover

� While other wheelchair mounts place devices at a fixed position, the Mount'n Mover can easily be moved into and out of position.
� The Mount'n Mover system lets individuals choose where and when their mount is positioned. Devices, trays or laptops can be at-the-ready, not in-the-way.
� Mount'n Mover's two ergonomic access points make adjustments easy, and with simple setup and lock positions, Mount'n Mover will fit, and return to, any position that works for the individual.

Accessibility Features

Easily Used Pivot Points
� An easy-access paddle unlocks a pivoting wrist joint.
� The hoop unlocks both the shoulder and elbow joints.

Rotating, Adjustable, Locking Tilt
� Go from zero to 90�, and lock it anywhere in between.
� Change tilt angle safely and deliberately with a built-in torsion hinge.

One-handed, Automatic Locking Operation
� Simply press the hoop and move.
� Mount�n Mover automatically finds its next lock position.

Effortless Movement
� Only 1.5 pounds of force needed to unlock and move.

Set user-specific lock positions with a flick-of-a-switch.
12 memory lock settings per joint for over 1,700 possible lock positions!
Adjustable joint friction: low torque (recommended for ≤ 5 lb) or high torque (for > 5 lb) hinges
3 models: dual, single, & no arm (Tilt 'n Turner)
Attachment hardware for workstations & 6 wheelchair styles
Device plate attachment hardware for wide range of devices: AbleNet, Dynavox, Prentke Romich, Saltillo, & laptops
Post lengths: 8, 12, 18, 24, & 36" & custom lengths under 18"

Universal Quick Release Plate (QRP) included
Makes it easy to attach any of the following:
� Communication devices
� Laptop computers, Mice & Keyboards
� Reading stands
� Trays & Easels
� Remote controls
� Cameras
� and more!

� Made from magnesium and aluminum alloys, stainless steel and injection-molded plastics.
� Patent pending innovations.

Link to Design Your Own System
Basic Steps
  1. Choose type of Mount'n Mover:
    Dual Arm, Single Arm, or Tilt'n Turner
  2. Choose post length: up to 36"
  3. Select attachment hardware: wheelchair or work station
  4. Choose plate for device: AbleNet, Dynavox, Prentke Romich, Saltillo, & laptops
  5. Select accessories: tray, locking tilt module, & additional quick release module
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Dual Arm Mount�n Mover Dual Arm Mount�n Mover Dual Arm Mount�n Mover
Dual Arm Mount�n Mover

One Hand Operation

Move shoulder & elbow joints with hoop
Dual Arm Mount�n Mover
Move wrist joint with paddle
Dual Arm Mount�n Mover

Dual Arm Mount�n Mover

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