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Science Shorts - General Science

An activity packed workbook with short lessons that relate science to real life
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Science Shorts are two engaging, activity-packed workbooks that were developed to give meaningful experiences to students who are more successful with short lessons. Each 15-minute activity gets science classes off to a great start, and help students relate science concepts to "real life" situations. Science Shorts is also effective for students with learning differences and struggling learners.

The program was created to meet the following criteria:
A curriculum is needed that is presented simply without talking down to students.
Lessons to link science concepts to "real life" situations.
There is a need for reinforcement and enrichment activities that promote the retention of basic science vocabulary terms.
Information provided needs to instill an appreciation of and respect for nature.
Students needs to be given knowledge that will provide them with a fuller and safer life.

Animal Life
These topics depict a representative view of life on earth. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, insects, and some of their predecessors are all introduced. The intent of this book is to provide students with the opportunity to draw conclusions regarding the similarity between people and all other life. Feeding habits, raising of young, habitats, and the emotions of wild things are some of the concepts that will help to provide students with a better understanding of the creatures that share this planet with people.

General Science
This book provides an introduction to physical science. Weather, disease, inventions, and all other topics are intended to offer a broad based understanding of the cause and effect of life on earth and in our environment. Also, an underlying attempt is made to instill a social conscience toward the fragility of the balance of nature.

Also available as a Set of 2

Each science short story is accompanied by four activities:
Vocab Corner - Use of vocabulary words in a puzzle, riddle, or poem
Just for Fun - Word puzzles
In Your Words - Crossword puzzle or word blocks or Crack the Code - An ABC picture code or a hidden message
A Science Stretch - An activity requiring students to go beyond the given information

The large spiral-bound format allows for easy photocopying, and a complete Answer Key follows the Teaching Suggestions at the front of the book.

Each Science Shorts book has 50 reproducible lessons in the a variety of fun categories.

Special Features
Each book contains a comprehensive Glossary, where students can locate not only the definition of scientific terms but the number of the lesson in which they appear. There is also a comprehensive bibliography at the end of each book.

Reading Level: 4.0+
Interest Level: 5-12

Science Shorts - General Science


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