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TeachTown Basics

Learning Domains - 5 - Off-Computer Generalization Activities

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Teach Town Basics

Learning Domains

Off-Computer Generalization Activities

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� Based on naturalistic ABA programs (such as PRT), developmental programs (such as Floortime and Relationship Development Intervention), and just good teaching practices (similar to what many teachers, therapists, and families use)
� Purpose of activities is to generalize concepts learned in the software to the child's natural environment and to work on critical skills that cannot be targeted using a computer
� Activities are introduced in the software as child progresses through curriculum and can be printed out to use (or share) anytime
� Each activity includes a description of the benefits of the activity, material needed, and a simple description of how to do the activity
� Activities written for non-experts and are appropriate for families or professionals to use (can even be used by older siblings or peers). 

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