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Grounded in Science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Education, and Clinical and Developmental Psychology Program based on Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT) and developmental models such as floor time
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Scientific Basis
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Teach Town Basics


�You've really done a great job of incorporating principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and successive approximations into a system that is effective and easy for kids to use.�

Cynthia E. Jones
Teacher, Cedar Wood Preschool, WA
�So many of our students with disabilities can engage with the computer in a way they cannot with other people. However, most of the children's computer programs currently on the market make very little sense to our kids, and have even less educational relevance for our specialized learners. It makes so much sense to develop a program that capitalizes on this medium to support other programs (school, home, therapy, etc.) in which these children are involved. This program does everything that I spend months teaching support staff to do � scaffold learning, provide reinforcement, collect data... Not only that, but it explicitly targets skills that research indicates as areas of deficit in our students! I look forward to using this program as a welcome addition to our preschool extended day classroom.�

Jessica Lawrence, M.Ed.
Preschool special education/extended day teacher, Kent School District, WA
�We have been using TeachTown Software for 3 weeks now and we love it! Our Son loves the time that he spends on the computer playing! He is learning so much and what he has learned is being reinforced through the program. We have noticed his Hand-eye coordination has improved as well as his attention span! It is great to see so much progress in such a short time. We love this program, and show it to all our friends who cannot wait till they can have a copy of the software themselves!�

Ben & Julie Cluff
�I love that now when Noah plays on the computer, we're actually reinforcing other programs he's working on his therapies, plus we're getting data collected in the background vs. having Noah play a typical computer game that maybe records his high score but that's about it. To Noah, TeachTown is just like playing a game. He doesn't even realize he's doing "therapy" because he's having so much fun doing the "work".

Kris Tibbetts
�I chose a supplemental activity on Noah's Ark from the binder provided. He likes to play with animals. After a while, he began putting some of the animals inside the ark, and said it was a "party", all the while doing the matching. Then we sailed the ark into his room to his new "Big Boy" bed, and we sailed the ark onto the bed. Connor then, spontaneously told me it was the ocean and we should sail around there together. We continued the party and he was engaged and enjoying the play, when I realized this was the first time I really felt we were having an integrated play activity where there was give and take and we were really enjoying each other's company. It had gone from a supplemental learning activity to a fun family play time, without me even noticing!�

Tom McGurk
�We cannot stress enough what an important tool this is, and how excited we are that TeachTown has created this product. Our only wish is that this software had been available when our son was first diagnosed."

Danielle McGurk
�TeachTown has been a wonderful addition to our son's home program. It has helped him gain new skills and keep his old skills fresh. TeachTown has truly become Josh's favorite computer game and he asks to play it several times a day stating "I want TeachTown!� He even goes to the computer and scrolls down to the TeachTown icon and starts the program himself. Pretty amazing for a 4 year-old. I highly recommend this program to anybody looking to start a home-based program or looking to complement a currently existing program.�

Nancy Gordon
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Research Studies
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