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A comprehensive treatment program for ages 2 and up that connects everyone on your team
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Scientific Basis
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Teach Town Basics
TeachTown Basics features a comprehensive, scientifically backed curriculum that teaches the child using the computer and off-computer, naturalistic activities. Progress is graphed automatically and your entire team can share data and session notes over the TeachTown secure server.

Motivating Software Program

� Self-Adjusting Program:
Introduces skills using errorless teaching and gradually adds distracters or fades distracters as the child progresses. In addition to this prompting, previously mastered skills are interspersed with new skills to keep success rates high.

� Stimulating Reinforcers:
Reinforcer games provide a variety of visual and auditory stimulation and can be removed by adults for children with sensory sensitivities or other issues. Reinforcers are offered on a variable schedule to keep child engaged.

� Child Choice:
Child is allowed to choose types of activities by clicking on buildings and can also choose their favorite reinforcers.

Smart Curriculum

� Grounded in Science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Education, Speech Pathology, and Clinical and Developmental Psychology

� Program based on Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

� Comprehensive Curriculum for Developmental-Language Ages 2-8 years (Appropriate for any age that functions within this age range for language and/or cognitive skills)

� Receptive Language:
Introduces hundreds of language concepts including basic vocabulary, prepositions, adjectives, and more complex language skills..

� Cognitive:
Develops cognitive skills such as attention, memory, and categorization and teaches early academics including early reading and math.

� Social-Emotional:
Teaches the child to attend to relevant social features such as paying attention to eyes, emotion identification, face processing, and being a good friend.

� Independence:
Increases awareness of self and community by teaching the child more about their bodies, how to care for themselves, and about other people and things in the community.

� Off-Computer Generalization Activities:
Enhances skills taught on the computer and provides ideas for generalizing skills to the child's natural environment. Activities do not require an expert to implement and are fun for the adult and child.

Connecting Your Team

� Data Collection and Tracking:
Child's performance is tracked automatically and data is displayed in multiple ways for adults to follow the child's progress over time.

� Communication System:
Professionals and families can keep in touch and stay up to date on the child's progress using the TeachTown communication and session note system over our secured internet connection.

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