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A comprehensive treatment program for ages 2 and up that connects everyone on your team
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Scientific Basis
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Teach Town Basics

TeachTown Basics features a comprehensive, scientifically backed curriculum that teaches the child using the computer and off-computer, naturalistic activities. Progress is graphed automatically and your entire team can share data and session notes over the TeachTown secure server.

Self-Adjusting Program

An expert in your home
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� Includes initial skill assessment (completed by adult) to place the child at a developmentally-appropriate level in the software (software will automatically move the child forward or back depending on the child's actual performance)
� Program grows with the child and new content (computer and off-computer) are added gradually over the time when the child is ready
� Self-Adjusts to child's performance (uses errorless learning and provides or fades prompting depending on how well the child is doing)
� Includes pre and post-tests for every lesson with different stimuli than training lessons to ensure child has learned each concept

Therapy becomes fun

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� Large variety of interests
� Auditory and visual stimulation
� Designed by professional video game designers
� Child can choose reinforcers that are favorites
� Adults can remove reinforcers that are inappropriate for their child

Child Choice
Put learning in the hands of your child.

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Child can choose lessons by clicking on different buildings and can choose their favorite reinforcers.

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Research Studies
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