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Communication Symbol Learning Software

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Imagine Symbol Directory

The Imagine Symbol Directory features 4000 new communication and literacy symbols in print and digital formats. The book is organized by category with full-color illustrations—25 per page.

A corresponding DVD includes a PDF of the book plus high resolution JPEG files of each symbol with a search utility. These royalty-free images can be exported to your favorite program, e-mailed to a friend or printed from the PDF file. You can even photocopy the book!

Imagine Symbol set conveys vocabulary with realistic, contemporary, and colorful illustrations that are appropriate for any age. 15 topics include emotions, phrases, verbs and computer devices. Covered spiral bound book, 212 pgs., 2006. DVD with PDF of book and digital files of 4000 symbols.
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Switch Accessible Symbol

Learn More about Words
Different activities to practice and reinforce reading and spelling skills

For ages 5 to 9, but can be successfully used with older learners who need extra practice.

• Fill in missing letters from the alphabet
• Select the correct word for pictures
• Type in or select from the screen the correct letters to spell the word shown in the picture
• Finally the words are presented in Word Search and Crossword layouts
• All activities have 3 levels of difficulty
• The Learn More Toolkit (included) allows you to edit the wordlist.
• Add words, delete them or re-assign difficulty levels.
• Attach different pictures or sound files to words and even create your own new wordlists.

Win 95-XP, 16MB RAM, 256 color, Sound Card, CD ROM drive

learn more about words software


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Looking for Words
Explore community, home and school

Community exploration program combines reasoning skills with vocabulary building. Excellent for reading enrichment. Engaging graphics, interesting animation and clear speech help teach hundreds of words in context. Features “explore,” “list,” and “picture print” options. In “explore,” students freely move to different locations, 24 in all, learning new words as they go. Select any object and it identifies itself. In “list” option, students search for specific words on their list. Where would you find a basketball, broom or mailbox? How about a fire hydrant, fire truck or toaster?

Use the “picture print” option to create student activities or illustrated vocabulary booklets. New feature lets teachers select specific words on student lists. Scores are saved to track skill development.

Win 98/ME/2000/XP   Mac OS 8.6-9.2, OSX Classic, Native

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TF-9048 Out and About 2
Special Education
BETT Award Winner 2003 - Best Special Needs Secondary Software

This second CD-ROM in this popular series contains advanced reading and writing activities, as well as activities involving money, pricing and general life skill issues designed for older learners.

The activities include: Cooking, Shopping, Use-by dates, Spelling, Information gathering, Sequencing and Word processing.

- Can be used by non-readers
- Uses real-life signs and symbols
- Age appropriate graphics and photographs
- Choice of male or female voice to guide you through the program

Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT; Pentium 266 MHz; 32 MB RAM; 800 x 600 video, 16 bit color; sound card; 8 x CD-ROM drive for a standalone installation (not required for networked workstations).
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Real World Picture Words Software: 6 Programs

6 software programs, by Janie Haugen-McLane, help students with limited or no reading skills learn commonly used words heard in everyday life. The 1200 picture words have full-color illustrations and are taught in groups of five to increase comprehension and retention. Simple, easy-to-understand definitions and sentences are read aloud for each word, giving students both general and "real-world" meanings.

Sequence of Activities
Each picture word is introduced with its matching illustration. Once the word is read aloud, a series of activities helps students learn to identify, pronounce, define, and use the word.
Students will:
• Learn each word and its definition. Then, hear each word used in a sentence.
• Choose the correct picture and word from 2 choices and then 3 choices.
• Finally, identify each word and its picture from 5 choices.

real world picture words software

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Survival Signs: Information Signs

More basic information signs in your community. Includes 80 signs and words from Cafeteria and Do Not Touch to Recycle and Use Other Door!

Also available in the Survival Signs Software Series.

Win 98/ME/2000/XP   Mac OS 8.6-9.2/OSX

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Take and Teach Language Kits
Intended for children with moderate to severe cognitive disability

Links to Take and Teach Topics:
All About Me, Community, Food, Nature, Occasions, and Special Kits

Each CD has the following items in pdf format:
1. A book on one of the themes above that introduces limited vocabulary and repetitive lines
2. An interactive computer book created with IntelliTools Classroom Suite
3. At least 2 vocabulary games
4. A songboard
5. Word cards
6. Sensory exploration activities and ideas for expanding language opportunities, such as cooking, crafts, math, and science
Supportive manipulatives are not included, but are available.
image of Take and Teach Language kits
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