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Switch Accessible Language & Numbers

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ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Numeracy Series
Great pre-made ChooseIt! Maker 2 activities, ready-to-run!
Individual programs described & available below.

Another numeracy title in the ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Numeracy Series, this CD-ROM features 23 graded activities covering odd one out sets, counting sets, counting on (rote counting), numeral recognition, more than, less than and simple addition up to 10.

Each of the activities consists of a graded sequence of 20 to 40 simply presented multiple-choice questions. Correct answers result in a short animated sequence with music and spoken reinforcement while a fun �monkey story� game adds to the motivation. Full speech support and switch access options provide access to learning by almost all students and simple performance reporting allows you to record student progress.

These activities were designed by a teacher and Maths Information and Communication Technology Coordinator with over 20 years experience in primary and special schools.

Win 2000/XP/Vista

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From 1 to 100

Many programs work on simple number work to 10. This new maths CD from LaraMera, gives access to higher level maths concepts. It has twelve different activities to practice and reinforce essential early maths skills and concepts using numbers up to 100.

Choose which range of numbers you want to work on and then move through a number of different activities using those numbers.

Use mouse, trackball, joystick, one or multiple switches, keyboard, & touchscreen.

Win 98-XP

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Learn More About Math

6 activities to practice and reinforce essential early Math skills and concepts:
• counting to 9 animated creatures
• complete a sequence of numbers
• memory game using numerals
• analog and digital time telling
• addition and subtraction practice.

Fully configurable, with user configurations saved.
Select which activities are available to a user, which level of difficulty etc.
Mouse, switch or keyboard access.

Win 95-XP, 16MB RAM, 256 color, Sound Card, CD ROM drive

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Learn More about Words
Different activities to practice and reinforce reading and spelling skills

For ages 5 to 9, but can be successfully used with older learners who need extra practice.

• Fill in missing letters from the alphabet
• Select the correct word for pictures
• Type in or select from the screen the correct letters to spell the word shown in the picture
• Finally the words are presented in Word Search and Crossword layouts
• All activities have 3 levels of difficulty
• The Learn More Toolkit (included) allows you to edit the wordlist.
• Add words, delete them or re-assign difficulty levels.
• Attach different pictures or sound files to words and even create your own new wordlists.

Win 95-XP, 16MB RAM, 256 color, Sound Card, CD ROM drive

learn more about words software


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Monkeys, Ducks and Frogs!

Grades K-1, Inclusion; Windows CD; switch & Smart Board compatible

Monkeys, Ducks, and Frogs is a delightful program that includes 21 fun-filled activities designed to improve basic counting skills. With the help of three popular number songs, which users are encouraged to join in with, pupils will learn to count up to five, practice one-to-one correspondence, take away, recall sequences of animals and much more! Pupils will also develop their listening skills by responding to spoken instruction, their problem-solving skills by exploring outcomes and practice fine motor skills by using a mouse or switch to interact with the tasks.

Monkeys, Ducks and Frogs!
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2 Switch Accessible

SwitchIt! Maker 2

SwitchIt! Maker 2 will turn your text, images, movies and sounds into simple on-screen activities that are automatically accessible using a mouse, whiteboard, touch monitor, keyboard or switches. Make talking books starring your pupils, or a slide show of a recent trip. Put that digital camera to good use! Especially designed so that children can make activities as part of a lesson. Operated with 1 or 2 switches, mouse, IntelliKeys, or touchscreen.

Win 98-XP  Mac OSX
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SwitchIt! Series
Fun and interesting games to help switch skills

Use a switch to build the elements of an action scene. A final press sets an animated reward going. Configurable options for the number of key presses, switch settings and which activities are displayed. Save your settings and reload later. A two switch option allows for turn taking. Makes wide use of sound and animation to promote motivation.

A second set of improved SwitchIt! titles too - programs with extra muscle and more directly linked to the curriculum.

For more details, click on an item below...

SwitchIt! Original Series, including:
- SwitchIt! Diggers
- SwitchIt! Maker 2
- SwitchIt! Opposites
- SwitchIt! Pictures
- SwitchIt! Scenes

SwitchIt! Extra Series, including:
- SwitchIt! Christmas Extra
- SwitchIt! Farm Extra
- SwitchIt! Hygiene Extra
- SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 Extra
- SwitchIt! People Extra
- SwitchIt! Weather Extra
- SwitchIt! Wildlife Extra

screen shot of SwitchIt! Extra Series

switchit people extra screen shot

See individual programs

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