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Freeport Series: Banking Module

Banking Role Play Module simulates authentic and Interesting Job Assignments
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Reading Level 3 - 5

Interest Level 8 - 12

Series Design

With the Work Place Role-Play Series modules, your students will truly experience the workplace. In order to simulate a realistic work site, the author worked with actual companies to create entry-level employee tasks that can be accomplished in the classroom. Each of the 5 modules includes: Objectives, Teaching Suggestions, Actual Job Site Samples, a Task Overview, Specific Task Instructions, and Answer Keys. Each module has reproducible worksheets and can function independently from the others. Each module available individually (see below).

Content of Each of Individual Modules

60 pages, 8.5" x 11", softcover, 1998

Banking Module

Interpret bank encoding, perform routine teller transactions, complete a teller blotter, proof transactions, prepare a bank statement.

Module Table of Contents

Topic Page
Objectives 3
Basic Skills Utilization 3
Teaching Suggestions 3
Tasks To Be Completed--Overview 6
Task #1--Schedule Summer Recreation Staff 7
Task #2--Make a Merry-Go-Round Report 13
Task #3--Write a Public Service Announcement 31
Task #4--Write a Maintenance Service Report 37
Task #5--Complete a Task Sheet 43
Task #6--Problem Solving 48
Answer Key 49

Sample Page

TASK #6 Problem Solving

Directions: Offer a solution to each "Possible Banking Situation." Try to be fair and logical when making judgments and choosing priorities.

Possible Banking Situation #1: You are preparing bank statements. You come to the statement of one of your co-workers. You have to insert five "insufficient funds" slips into the statement. Another co-worker sees you inserting the slips. He says, "Looks like you've got a real idiot there. Who is it?" What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Banking Situation #2: You are working as a teller. For the third day in a row, your teller drawer is $20.00 short. You know you did not take the money, but you also know that you will probably be fired for being short three times in a row. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Banking Situation #3: A woman walks up to you in the bank as you are returning from lunch. She says, "I've often seen you working here at the bank. I need some help balancing my checking account. You must be really good at balancing checkbooks. Would you please balance mine for me?" How will you respond?

Possible Banking Situation #4: You are at a party when a friend asks, "Have you ever seen my checking account statement at work?" You often deal with it, but you do not want to enter into a discussion that will quite probably skirt around confidential issues. On the other hand, you do not want to lie to your friend. How will you respond?

Possible Banking Situation #5: You do not make much money as a teller. A customer comes to your window and accidently leaves the $100.00 she withdrew. If she comes back for it, you could say you did not see it and no one could prove you had. Make a list of three reasons to keep the money and three reasons not to keep it. Then, explain what you think you would actually do.

Possible Banking Situation #6: On your birthday, you took some fancy cupcakes to work. Jared, one of the guys with whom you work, ate three of them. About three weeks later, a problem surfaced at work. It appears that, on your birthday, a customer was given some seriously problematic misinformation. Jared claims he was not involved because he had the flu that day and had not talked with any customers. You seriously doubt that he had the flu because he had eaten the cupcakes. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Banking Situation #7: You have gained 30 pounds since you started working at the bank two years ago. This weekend, you decided to have your nose pierced. Your supervisor has told you that the weight was bad enough but the nose ring is the last straw. He says that your looks are no longer appropriate for the teller line and that you can choose to be relocated into proofing at a reduction in payor you can leave the bank. You are both shocked and offended. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Banking Situation #8: You have had a long, busy day; and you are tired. Just a few minutes before the end of the day, you accidently gave a customer $100.00 too much. He has just walked out the door when you realize your error. You know you must run after him. What are you going to say to him? What do you think he will say and/or do?

Possible Banking Situation #9: You have a friend who works for another bank in town. Your friend is always asking you about specific procedures at work. You are uncomfortable with her questions, but you don't want to lose her friendship. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Banking Situation #10: At lunch, you spilled catsup on the front of your blouse. You are a teller, and you know your blouse will make a negative statement to customers. What are you going to do?

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Freeport Series: Banking Module

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