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Freeport Series: Health Care Module

Health Care Role Play Module simulates authentic and Interesting Job Assignments
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Reading Level 3 - 5

Interest Level 8 - 12

Series Design

With the Work Place Role-Play Series modules, your students will truly experience the workplace. In order to simulate a realistic work site, the author worked with actual companies to create entry-level employee tasks that can be accomplished in the classroom. Each of the 5 modules includes: Objectives, Teaching Suggestions, Actual Job Site Samples, a Task Overview, Specific Task Instructions, and Answer Keys. Each module has reproducible worksheets and can function independently from the others. Each module available individually (see below).

Content of Each of Individual Modules

52 pages, 8.5" x 11", softcover, 1998

Health Care Module

Use medical abbreviations, schedule appointments for patients, place purchase orders, figure inventory

Module Table of Contents

Topic Page
Objectives 1
Basic Skills Utilization 1
Teaching Suggestions 1
Tasks To Be Completed--Overview 4
Task #1--Learn Medical Abbreviations 5
Task #2--Man the Appointment Books 8
Task #3--Complete a New Patient Information Form 15
Task #4--Place a Supply Order 18
Task #5--Update Inventory and write Purchase Orders 21
Task #6--Problem Solving 26
Answer Key 27

Sample Page

TASK #6 Problem Solving

Directions: Offer a solution to each "Possible Clinic Situation." Try to be fair and logical when making judgments and choosing priorities.

Possible Clinic Situation #1: You are a Personal Patient Assistant. You are taking a patient's vital signs when the patient does the things listed below. At what point should you quit trying to handle the situation yourself and call a nurse to take over?

  • The patient says he feels sort of sick to his stomach.
  • The patient says he feels dizzy.
  • The patient steadies himself by holding onto the wall.
  • The patient stumbles and bumps his head on the desk.
  • The patient falls on the floor and appears to be passed out.
  • The patient opens his eyes and vomits.

Possible Clinic Situation #2: You are in charge of placing the weekly supply order for your department. Last week, you accidently ordered two syringes instead of 200. Your error was discovered only as a doctor requested a syringe and there were none left. What do you think the doctor will say and/or do? What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #3: You are the receptionist. You know that Wendell Barring has an appointment at 3:15. You have not seen him at 3:30 when the doctor calls and asks if Wendell has arrived. At 3:35, Wendell walks up to the desk. He is obviously very angry. He grabs your shirt and wants to know why he has had to wait so long. He has been waiting where you could not see him and he did not check in so you did not know he was there. The clinic's philosophy is not to anger patients in the waiting room. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #4: You are working on putting some confidential information into a patient's file. A regular customer comes in and starts talking to you and leans over the counter in a way that could allow her to see the confidential information. You know this customer is not nosy and is very discreet. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #5: There is a flu epidemic. You are checking patients in. There are already twenty people waiting to see a doctor. You are very busy talking to patients, preparing charts, answering the phone and completing reports. Suddenly you realize that two people have vomited on the floor. You immediately call for help only to discover that the maintenance worker on duty went home siCk. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #6: You really dislike one of the four doctors that you work for (Doctor Wilson). Your new neighbor comes into the clinic and asks you if you think that Dr. Wilson would make a good doctor for her family. Since she doesn't know her, she doesn't realize that Dr. Wilson is standing just a few feet from you. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #7: There was an opening in your department that would have been a good promotion for you. You really believe that you were the best candidate for the job but Carrie was hired for the job. You know that she lied when she said she had worked in a similar pOSition at another clinic. You hate the thought of having to work with her. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #8: You enjoy your job a lot except for the fact that your boss calls you lazy and dumb every day. You do not think you are lazy and dumb and you believe that your other coworkers like working with you. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #9: You are working at the registration counter and you are in a lousy mood. A loud patient stops and suggests that the clinic would be a better place to visit if you didn't look so grumpy. You lose your temper and swear at the patient. Your boss heard you. What are you going to say and/or do and what do you think your boss will say and/or do?

Possible Clinic Situation #10: Jeff Francois called and made an appointment for Thursday. You made a mistake and scheduled Jeff for Friday. Jeff drove 50 miles to make his Thursday appOintment and the schedule is already over full. What are you going to say and/or do?

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Freeport Series: Health Care Module

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