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Freeport Series: Restaurant Module

Restaurant Role Play Module simulates authentic and Interesting Job Assignments
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Reading Level 3 - 5

Interest Level 8 - 12

Series Design

With the Work Place Role-Play Series modules, your students will truly experience the workplace. In order to simulate a realistic work site, the author worked with actual companies to create entry-level employee tasks that can be accomplished in the classroom. Each of the 5 modules includes: Objectives, Teaching Suggestions, Actual Job Site Samples, a Task Overview, Specific Task Instructions, and Answer Keys. Each module has reproducible worksheets and can function independently from the others. Each module available individually (see below).

Content of Each of Individual Modules

28 pages, 8.5" x 11", softcover, 1998

Restaurant Module

Take orders, assign tables, order supplies, size recipes up or down.

Module Table of Contents

Topic Page
Objectives 1
Basic Skills Utilization 1
Teaching Suggestions 1
Tasks To Be Completed--Overview 4
Task #1--Take a Phone Order 5
Task #2--Take an Order in Person 9
Task #3--Alter a Recipe and Prepare a Supply List 11
Task #4--Figure a Bill and a Tip 14
Task #5--Complete the Hostess Sheet 15
Task #6--Problem Solving 18
Answer Key 19

Sample Page

TASK #6 Problem Solving

Directions: Offer a solution to each "Possible Restaurant Situation." Try to be fair and logical when making judgments and choosing priorities.

Possible Restaurant Situation #1: You are the hostess. You accidently overlook one party of four that has been waiting for one hour. You seat a party of four that has been waiting ten minutes. A member of the party that has been waiting for an hour approaches you and asks why they haven't been given a seat when people who have been there only ten minutes were able to get a seat. There are no more empty tables. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #2: When you are figuring the bill for a party of five, you discover that you forgot to get milk for one of the men. They are done eating and you know he will probably not want his milk now. Other than this, you know you handled the table well. You hate to lose a tip because of one glass of milk. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #3: A good friend you haven't seen in a long time has just finished eating and he/she stops by to chat. You really want to talk, also. But you have other customers and you don't have time to talk. On the other hand, you know that your boss wants you to be friendly with the customers. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #4: You are a member of the wait staff. Two members of a party you are waiting on get into a fight at dinner. They are yelling and pushing each other around. It is causing much disruption for the rest of the customers and has become very uncomfortable. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #5: A customer you are waiting on ordered ravioli. When you brought the dinners for the party, you saw this customer look longingly at her friend's lasagna. Then, the ravioli customer looked at you and said, " I ordered lasagna and you brought me ravioli." You know you did not make a mistake. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #6: You like most of the things on the Cannova's menu. However, you do not like the Venetian pizza. A party is considering ordering it and they ask you if it is good. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #7: A party of four has ordered a bottle of wine. You do not think they are of legal age to drink wine. You ask to see their ID's and they all have ID's saying they are of legal age, but you think they might have been tampered with. It is a very busy night and there are so many customers that you are fairly certain no one is paying attention to this party and that no questions would be asked if you went ahead and served them. That would solve the problem of insulting them by suggesting they have fake ID's. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #8: You are mowing lawn in Taylor Park when you fmd a Your tips are important to you. A party of regulars just left and you are quite sure that they left you two five dollar bills. However, when you get back to the table, there is only one five dollar bill. You think one of the other wait staff took your money and you think you know who it was. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #9: You have been late for work three days in a row. Your boss told you that you will be fired if it happens again. Four days after that, you are in a car accident on the way to work. No one is hurt, but you get to work 45 minutes late. What are you going to say and/or do and what do you think your boss will say and/or do?

Possible Restaurant Situation #10: You are waiting on a prominent business person from your community. As you were handing her spaghetti to her, one piece of pasta slipped off and landed in her hair. She doesn't know it is there. What are you going to say and/or do?

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Freeport Series: Restaurant Module

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