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Freeport Series: Grocery Store Module

Grocery Store Role Play Module simulates authentic and Interesting Job Assignments
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Reading Level 3 - 5

Interest Level 8 - 12

Series Design

With the Work Place Role-Play Series modules, your students will truly experience the workplace. In order to simulate a realistic work site, the author worked with actual companies to create entry-level employee tasks that can be accomplished in the classroom. Each of the 5 modules includes: Objectives, Teaching Suggestions, Actual Job Site Samples, a Task Overview, Specific Task Instructions, and Answer Keys. Each module has reproducible worksheets and can function independently from the others. Each module available individually (see below).

Content of Each of Individual Modules

40 pages, 8.5" x 11", softcover, 1998

Grocery Store Module

Sort products by departments, take bakery and deli orders, provide customer service, memorize product codes, balance cash register

Module Table of Contents

Topic Page
Objectives 1
Basic Skills Utilization 1
Teaching Suggestions 1
Tasks To Be Completed--Overview 4
Task #1--Sort Products by Departments 5
Task #2--Place Cake and Deli Orders 9
Task #3--An Hour in the Life of a Customer Service Employee 15
Task #4--Memorize Produce Codes 19
Task #5--Create Sale Ads 24
Task #6--Problem Solving 28
Answer Key 29

Sample Page

TASK #6 Problem Solving

Directions: Offer a solution to each "Possible Grocery Store Situation." Try to be fair and logical when making judgments and choosing priorities.

Possible Grocery Store Situation #1: You are a cashier. You are supposed to shopback (return your own rejected groceries) in your free time. A customer is checking out when he decides he doesn't want the ice-cream in his cart. He hands it to you. You have eight people in line and simply do not have time to take it back to the freezer right now but you know it will melt if you wait too long. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Grocery Store Situation #2: You are stocking shelves when you see a customer slip a bottle of catsup into her purse (it's a very large purse). What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Grocery Store Situation #3: You are shagging carts in the parking lot. You have collected a line of 15 carts. You have them all moving toward the cart storage space when you see that a car is going to be in your way. If the car is willing to wait for about 15 seconds, you will be out of the way. If you have to stop, you know you will have a difficult time getting the whole line moving again. However, you have been told to stay out of the way of the customers. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Grocery Store Situation #4: You are the night manager. At midnight, a stock person yells up the aisle that a customer is sick and she is afraid the customer is having a heart attack. There are only four people working at the time: you and three stock people. You are supposed to do all the checking out. Although there aren't very many customers at that time of day, there are a few. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Grocery Store Situation #5: You are a cashier. It is a very busy time and a customer drops a jar of jelly in the aisle next to your register. There is a slippery mess and glass everywhere. There are little children around. You know it is a very dangerous situation. What are you going to say and/or do?

Possible Grocery Store Situation #6: You are a produce clerk. One of your jobs is to pitch distressed or spoiled produce. You often see that it is very wasteful because, even though you understand that fresh produce with bad spots cannot be sold, you know you could take it home and use it. However, you have been told to throw it away. You are working late one night when no one is near you. You have collected a whole box of produce that is not in good enough condition to sell. You could easily take it out the back door and put it in your car without being seen. What are you going to do?

Possible Grocery Store Situation #7: You are a cashier. You accidently gave a woman an extra $20.00 bill and you realized it just after she went out the door. The rule about cashiers balancing is that they must balance within $2.00 or be written up. You are sharingf a cash register with Troy and Vacinda. You know that Troy's cash register team has been off each of the last two days and that it will look really bad for him if you are off today. You also know you will be in hot water if you tell the manager what you have done. What are you doing to say and/ or do?

Possible Grocery Store Situation #8: You have always been a very hard working, motivated employee. When you were a stock person, you took the extra time to make sure all the cans were nicely facing out; and you were always very careful to keep the aisle tidy while you were stocking. Now you are a cashier. You are always sure to put greeting cards aside so they aren't soiled by food products, and you check out as quickly as you can. Since you are so careful, you are quite irritated one day when you see Anne squashing loaves of bread as she puts them on the shelf. You are not her supervisor. What are you going to say and/or do?

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Freeport Series: Grocery Store Module

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